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Trees can add great beauty and value to your property, but injury, disease, and safety concerns can quickly turn an asset into a liability - as well as an eyesore.

Sarasota Arborist specializes in the removal of diseased, dead, and dying trees and we have the training and equipment needed to safely remove large and hazardous trees, regardless of their size, age or location, with minimal impact to the rest of your landscape or property.

Our compact self-propelled platform basket is narrow enough to fit through a door but can reach up to 60 feet for hard to access tree removal, and the extra-long travel stabilizer legs make it the perfect choice for working on sloping ground, narrow paths, and protecting landscaping.

Removing a tree, especially a large or diseased tree, without harming yourself, your property or the rest of your landscape is not a task for weekend warriors.

Beyond the obvious safety concerns associated with the removal of a tree, a certified arborist can diagnose and treat diseases, infestations, and physical damage caused by storms, drought or other occurrences so you can determine whether the removal is necessary.

When deciding to remove a tree or not, consider the following:

  • Is the tree at risk of falling on a person or structure?
  • Is the tree losing branches?
  • Is the tree creating an unwanted physical or visual barrier?
  • Is the tree impeding the growth of neighboring trees or other plants?
  • What is the extent of the damage to the tree?
  • Is the interior of the tree hollow?
  • Does the tree have sentimental or historic value?

Clients will often choose to keep a tree if they know that the tree can be made safe or healthy again.

Sarasota Arborist offers a full range of professional tree services including pruning and trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding as well as arboricultural consulting services for people seeking a tree removal permit, property developers, homeowners associations, and realtors.

Call 941-923-5051 for all your arboricultural needs throughout Sarasota & Manatee County.

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