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Sarasota Arborist offers a full range of Certified Arborist Consultation services.

Tree & Plant Identification

Proper tree and plant identification helps determine the right pruning regimen as well as water-needs, soil tolerance, common pests, and sun or shade exposure.

Tree Selection

Choosing the right trees for its environment, spacing them correctly, and providing appropriate drainage will make a huge difference in the overall health of your landscaping.

Tree & Plant Health / Disease & Decay Diagnosis

Sarasota Arborist can accurately diagnose and recommend a plan of action to help you deal with symptoms of disease and decay like chlorotic foliage, dripping leaves, early needle, frond or leaf drop, abnormal growth, sap flowing from bark, and more with just an informational site visit.

If further analysis is required in order to develop an action plan - leaf, root, tissue, and soil samples can be collected and sent to a lab for a more thorough diagnosis.

Tree & Infrastructure Conflicts

When roots encounter sidewalks, driveways and foundations, an on-site assessment can help determine a safe course of action and provide the necessary documentation for tree or root-cutting permits.

Construction Planning & Protection

For construction and property development projects, building and tree removal permits require an inventory of all trees 6-inch DBH and greater, mapping of tree locations, and a condition report.

The tree map and inventory are compared to site development plans and recommendations are made for tree retention and protection or tree removal. Recommendations concerning tree pruning and hazard mitigation of retained trees are also made.

Tree Risk Assessment

During a tree risk assessment, we visually inspect the tree from the root zone to the crown. Defects are noted and a level of risk is assigned depending on the size of defect, probability of failure, and presence of a target structure. If visual inspection leaves too much uncertainty, we can provide more advanced assessment techniques such as sounding with a mallet, using a probe or core sampler, or using a resistograph or sonic tomography.

Tree Risk Mitigation

When a risk assessment yields a discernable risk, we can recommend actions that mitigate the risk. While the only way to completely eliminate a risk is to remove a tree, there is often a very workable plan of action that can mitigate risks to safety or property while preserving the tree.

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