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Brazilian Pepper Trees are native to Argentina, Paraguay and, as the name implies, Brazil.

They were first brought to Florida in the mid-1800s for use as ornamental plants. Today, they are one of the most aggressive and widespread (over 700,000 acres in Florida are infested with them) non-indigenous, exotic pest plants in the state and they are one of the hardest to eradicate.

Brazilian Pepper Trees produce a dense canopy that shades out native plants and they can also invade aquatic habitats. Due to their invasive nature, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has listed them as a Class I - “Prohibited Aquatic Plant” and their sale or movement is prohibited.

People who are sensitive to poison ivy, oak or sumac may also be allergic to Brazilian Pepper Trees. Respiratory problems and contact dermatitis are also associated with the plant’s sap or pollen.

If you have Pepper Trees, call Sarasota Arborist at 941-923-5051 before they take over your property.

Sarasota Brazilian Pepper Tree removal - drawing of a leaf
Sarasota Brazilian Pepper Tree removal - drawing of a large leaf
ImageSarasota Brazilian Pepper Tree - drawing of a leaf
Sarasota Brazilian Pepper Tree removal - drawing of a plant
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